Mid Term Meeting

16 th of February, 2019

The Sea Port Authority

Janonio str. 24, 2nd floorconference hall.


The conference will be held on Saturday 16th of February, at Sea Port Authority building. It is cozy and very comfortable conference hall with all the necessary equipment.

Address: J. Janonio str. 24, 2nd floor, conference hall.

The conference starts at 10:00

The conference hall was given by the Sea Port Authority for the Ladies Circle Lithuania for free for the second time. First,  LC Lithuania held AGM 2014 in the same conference hall. It is important to mention that the president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite was visiting this hall once.



How to get to the conference Hall

The walking distance from main Conference hotel to the conference hall is about 15 minutes. Or you can reach the conference hall by the bus Number 2 . You should go the stop Atgimimo. Go for two stops and exit on Sportininku stop. You should go back a few meters back crossing the light and you will see the biggest building on the cross road. Also you can go with buses Numbers 8,3,6,4 from the stop Atgimimo . You need to go for one stop and take a short walk by Janonio Street to the very end. There you will see the highest building in the end of this street.

Additional information

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